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Criminal Defense

Criminal Charges

Criminal charges can be very serious. The same can be said about the laws surrounding these issues. It is a complex landscape. But our attorneys are the best in the business in understanding how best to proceed with your case. From practical matters to complex legal analysis, The Frankfurt Law Office ensures your case gets unparalleled attention.

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DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney

The Frankfurt Law Office specializes in DUI cases in Denver. From simple to complex, we know the ins and out of how the laws work – and how best to position you for the most favorable possible outcome. We are experts at understanding all the details involved in DUI cases. We have seen it all – and no one in Denver is better equipped to handle DUI cases.

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Drug & Domestic Violence Lawyer Denver

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases involve many layers of issues. We have unsurpassed experience and skill in ensuring optimum results. We never rush. We listen, we understand and we develop a custom plan to make sure the outcome is best for you. Let us handle the details and feel confident knowing you have the best team in the business on your side.

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The First Choice in Denver DUI Defense

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Denver DUI Attorney

If you’re facing criminal charges, turn to the Denver DUI and Criminal Defense Law Firm. Our experienced team is dedicated to aggressively defending your rights in court – no matter what crime you’ve been accused of. When choosing a lawyer for such a critical case, it’s essential that your team is thoroughly knowledgeable about laws designed to protect those like yourself − with us by your side, we guarantee just that!

If you’ve been accused or charged with a DUI, DWAI, or DWI, stop now and call The Frankfurt Law Office at 720-371-3101. We have Denver DUI Attorneys standing by – don’t wait until it’s too late! Discover why The Frankfurt Law Office is Colorado’s choice for drunk driving defense.

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing a criminal charge? You need Colorado’s leading criminal defense attorney on your side. The Frankfurt Law Office is experienced in handling DUI, drug, personal injury, and domestic violence cases – all with a long history of providing the most favorable outcomes for our clients. We are unique in the business – large enough to have the best resources in Colorado … yet small enough to provide the personal care you deserve.

About Frankfurt Law

Denver DUI Lawyer

“I received the best and highest level of service and true concern for my well-being.” – Dan | Denver, CO

Frankfurt Law Office has a well-deserved and hard-earned record of successfully defending our clients.

Your rights are our top priority.

We will work tirelessly to construct the ideal defense strategy for your particular situation. As aggressive advocates for each client, we confront the prosecution and judges at trial with skill and precision. Frankfurt Law Office will provide a thoroughly researched, tactical approach through every step of your defense.