Domestic violence lawyerA domestic violence (DV) charge against you can be devastating.

From the freedom of your day-to-day lifestyle including all of your human rights, such a charge can curtail your access to much of what you presently take for granted.

A domestic violence charge can impact your relationship with family and friends; jeopardize your employment situation; and have lasting effects on how the world around you sees you for years to come.

Only a serious, seasoned attorney can help you through the puzzle of Colorado statutes pertaining to domestic violence – and that’s what you’ll find at The Frankfurt Law Office. We’ve handled cases involving stalking, harassment, assault, battery menacing, aggravated assault, criminal mischief, violations of restraining or protective orders and more. We know our way around this state’s complicated legal system.

Colorado’s legal system makes it harder for anyone to come back from a domestic violence charge. We understand the law in The Centennial State, and we’re ready to help you get your life back on track. A domestic violence charge will have long-lasting ramifications on your personal and professional life. By acting quickly – and calling us today – we can help understand the facts of your case, discover the evidence needed to defend you, and go up against the prosecution to ensure you get a fair day in court to tell your side of the story.

The Frankfurt Law Office is here to help you navigate the murky waters of a domestic violence charge from the start. Our team will work with you, so you understand the implications of the charge and what could come next. From there, we’ll get your side of the story and discover the facts of the case to present in front of a judge or jury. We’ll fight for you to get the best possible outcome with the least impact on your future.

Being charged with domestic violence means you must move quickly to save your reputation and the life you’ve come to know. Only one firm moves swiftly enough to give you that chance: The Frankfurt Law Office.

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