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When your future hangs in the balance due to an arrest or criminal charge, making an intelligent decision on legal representation can be crucial. A trusted defense attorney might mean the difference between incarceration and liberty.

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In DUI cases, you need to act very quickly. In most cases, you only have seven calendar days to act with the DMV to preserve your driving ability. Seven days can go by fast, very fast – so you need to move quickly to ensure you are protecting yourself. By having the proper representation by your side, you can ensure you’re getting the best result, no matter the circumstances of your DUI case.

In most cases, this DMV action is the first thing you need to do. The court appearance will be much further down the road.

We’re here to help you from the beginning of your case to the end. The Frankfurt Law Office is your go-to resource if you need guidance on what to do next, help going to court, or answers to your more pressing questions about what comes next.

We help with this critical DMV process, obtain discovery from the prosecution and begin work on your case well before your court appearance. This gives you the best chance for an outcome that leaves you in the best possible position to move forward.

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