Fresh off their Super Bowl 50 win, Denver Broncos safety Shiloh Keo, 28, was arrested on February 13, 2015, in Idaho on a DUI charge. Keo, an Eagle, Idaho native, was booked into Adad County Jail shortly after 2 AM by Idaho State Police.

Keo allegedly was stopped by a state trooper at milepost 4 for a broken taillight. He was driving alone at the time. He then failed a sobriety test administered by the trooper. Keo refused to take a breathalyzer test, so state troopers submitted a blood alcohol test warrant which led to his arrest. He then posted bail shortly before 3 AM.

The Denver Broncos release the following statement: “We’re aware of the matter involving Shiloh Keo and are in the process of reviewing it.”

Keo signed with the Denver Broncos in December of 2015 to help bolster the defensive line plagued with a variety of injuries before tackling the playoffs. He played for the Houston Texans between 2011-2013 and was a fifth round draft pick for them in 2011.

The Denver Broncos have been plagued by players arrested since 2000, becoming one of the top 10 teams for arrests over the years. More than 34 Broncos have been arrested in the past 16 years according to a database kept by the San Diego Union-Tribune. Keo played for the University of Idaho before being drafted into the NFL.

Sports teams across the nation have been plagued with a variety of incidents ranging from DUI, domestic abuse, and more over the last decade forcing the NFL and the NFLPLA to consider more drastic charges to repair its image. The NFL, and every team holds each player to conduct standards and when in violation of this clause of their contract, often fines and suspends them in addition to other penalties levied by the NFL and NFLPA.