Drunk driving is a reckless crime, and 100 percent preventable. In Evanston, Illinois, first-time DUI offenders will now be eligible for restricted driving privileges if they register to have breathalyzers installed in their vehicles within a 30-day suspension period. The new law came into effect this year, on January 1st.

Breathalyzers are used to measure the blood alcohol limit of a suspected drunk driver. Innovative technologies have led to the development and installation of DUI monitors, which require drivers to perform a breath test before the car can be started.

New State Law

In accordance with the new Illinois state law, once an offender has registered and had the device installed in their vehicle, they are legally allowed to drive during specific times with their suspended license.

Officials report that the likelihood of pulling over a car that has this technology installed is rare because the car will only start based on the breathalyzer reading, not the turn of a key.

Many penalized individuals rely heavily on transportation for their jobs and families. The new law will help people like a mother of three, who may have gotten a DUI and can now be monitored while still being able to continue with regular activities. Implementing the new technology is a better practice for regulating drunk driving, and ensuring traffic safety. The secretary of state office is responsible for processing all of the permit applications.

Impact on Evanson

It is too soon to see the law’s effect on the city. Measures in place for the law will not affect the community because the average person will have no knowledge of other driver’s suspensions and stipulations while driving on the road. The impact will be seen in decreased rates of DUI charges, alcohol-related accidents, and repeat DUI offenses among first-time offenders.