After a night on the town in late February, a Los Angeles man was recorded by TV cameras confessing fault. The suspect, identified only as Jose, was drinking with his cousin Juan into the early hours of the morning. It wasn’t long after Juan began to drive the duo home when he stopped the car in the middle of the highway and demanded his cousin to take the wheel. Jose told news reporters, “He was drunk already, and I told him I couldn’t drive, so he made me drive.”

After he started driving, Jose said that he lost control of the car and struck a light pole. He fled the scene to go get help, not realizing Juan was already dead. He returned to find first responders and news crews at the scene. It was at that time when a still intoxicated Jose told news reporters at the scene, “We were drinking, record it.” In his television news recorded outburst, Jose exclaimed, “He was drunker!” Police gave Jose a field sobriety test and arrested him. Even after a long night out, drunk driving and DUI fatalities can be easily prevented. These three easy steps are simple ways to keep yourself and others safe when the good times roll and alcohol takes control.

Limit Yourself

Only bring enough money to drink a limited number of drinks. Every state has different Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels, and for your own health and safety, it’s advised that you don’t consume more than the legal limit. By only bringing enough cash to buy a few drinks, you can help yourself limit your consumption.

Arrange a Ride

Don’t drive yourself to the bar. Arrange your night so that your group catches a ride to the bars with a taxi or an Uber. If your keys aren’t with you, you’ll have to leave the driving to someone else. Keeping your group of friends and bar hoppers on the same page is a great way to ensure that nobody will be driving, while eliminating everyone’s ability to drive under the influence.

Go Home

Everyone loves a great night out at the bars with friends. Having a good time and drinking in moderation is the best way to keep things safe and fun. Don’t shut down the bars. After a long week, and hours of partying, 2am is not the time to be driving. Be aware of how much you’re drinking, and go home at a decent time. Leaving around midnight can help limit your intake, and prevent sloppy fun.

DUI fatalities claim a life every two minutes. Problems and accidents associated with alcohol are 100% preventable. Drink responsibly and help others do the same when enjoying a night out with friends.