When people are inebriated by any substance, they can say and do things they regret later. In the case of a Lakeland, Florida woman, she’s seriously regretting her arrest for DUI because of things she allegedly said. Tania L. Woodward, 34, of Lakeland, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. After being booked at the Lehigh County Jail, she began telling an Allentown Police Officer that, “I am going to send ISIS to kill all your pigs.”

Woodward was arrested at 1:38 AM during a traffic spot at Chestnut and Main streets according to officers. After being booked at the Lehigh County Jail, Woodward made threats to officers while in holding. She was originally stopped for not signaling while turning at an intersection. When pulled up, she was allegedly crying through slurred speech and didn’t understand the need for a driver’s license when asked for one.

While in the back of the police cruiser on the way to station, Woodward slipped out of her handcuffs and tried to kick out the rear window. She told officers she had taken a few shots of alcohol, along with two Four Lokos before attempting to drive home. Woodward was eventually charged with drunken driving, terroristic threats, turning violation, and driving without a valid license. District Judge Robert Halal proceeded over the arraignment and sent Woodward to county jail with a bail of $20,000.

Woodward’s case shows how a drunk driving arrest can turn into something much more serious because of being under the influence. It showcases just why drivers – and everyone, really – needs to be more aware of how much they consume and what they do while under the influencer. In Ms. Woodward’s case, there’s no telling what the penalties will be until she sits before a judge.