In January, former NFL quarterback, Vince Young, was arrested and charged for driving drunk in Austin, Texas. He was first spotted when it took him nearly ten seconds to begin driving after the street light where he was stopped turned green According to reports from the Travis County jail, the 32-year-old former University of Texas football star was then seen driving erratically along the Interstate 35 service road in Austin.

Police followed Young and observed his white Chevy Silverado drifting on the road while driving at speeds between 45 and 60 mph. When he made it to the upper deck of the highway, Young accelerated to a speed of 68 mph, and continued to drift across the solid yellow line.

Around 11:15 PM, officers pulled over a pickup truck being driven by Young. They immediately could smell alcohol on his breath, and noted that his speech was slurred and his eyes were glassy. The ex-Longhorns football player was unsteady on his feet after exiting his vehicle.

Reports document that Young was not cooperative with the arresting officer, but he did remain polite throughout the traffic stop. He failed a field sobriety test and refused to provide a breath or blood sample for officers to determine his blood alcohol content. He later admitted to law enforcement that he had consumed three or four beers before getting in his car that night.

Young played six seasons in the NFL following his legendary career at the University of Texas, where he led the Longhorns to a national title in 2005. In 2006 the college elite was the No. 3 overall pick when drafted by the Tennessee Titans. His last NFL regular season game was in 2011 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2012, Young signed a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills, but was released three months later. He retired in 2014 after being cut by the Cleveland Browns, and was then hired by the University of Texas to promote diversity and community engagement. Young is married and has one young son.

Following his arrest, Young was charged with a misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated. He was released from jail hours later after posting $2,000 bail.