Convenience store clerks called police when an Albuquerque woman was caught drunk driving in her own driveway. Bernalillo County deputies say 35 year-old Jane Chavez has three previous DWI’s as well as a history of arrests for domestic violence and child abuse.

Chavez was trying to buy Liquor at the Circle K in South Valley when the clerk noticed she was already drunk and refused to sell to her. Leaving the store empty-handed, Chavez got in her car to drive while clearly impaired. The clerk called law enforcement and reported her license plate number.

Just a few miles from the gas station, Chavez was stopped by Bernalillo County police as she was pulling up to her house. Upon their arrival, Chavez was having difficulty getting into her driveway. After burning rubber and nearly hitting the fence around her house, Chavez, who smelled strongly of alcohol, finally got out of her car with slurred speech.

Deputies say Chavez failed a breathalyzer test, and admitted to drinking a couple of bottles of white wine. She was arrested for DWI before being transferred to the county jail. Chavez has 11 mug shots registered in Bernalillo County, adding another to the books.

Though she was arrested in her driveway, Chavez was caught breaking the law simply by sitting in her car – whether it was being operated or not. Impaired actions are irrational and unclear to those who commit them. Placing herself in the position to unintentionally cause harm to herself or others, Chavez drove while impaired, and the scenario could have ended much differently.

Repeat DWI offenses are not uncommon, and have a tendency to result in much more harm than the offense in Albuquerque. Leaving your home, or drinking place intoxicated is a recipe for disaster and punishment. Designate a driver, and be aware of your safety, and that of people around you.